Our Body Folk

Dr Andrew Levick

Primary Osteopath & Owner

Based in both our Seddon and Prahran clinics, Andy has over 15-years’ experience as an Osteopath and enjoys being challenged by more complex presentations. He has a zest for holistic healthcare and a total commitment to improving the well-being of his patients. Andy’s knowledge of the intricate connections between the body’s structure and its overall function delivers osteopathic care that goes beyond addressing symptoms to uncover and treat the root cause of musculoskeletal issues.

He has built his skill set with a strong emphasis on mental health improving techniques such as breathing, meditation and contrast therapies such as infrared saunas and ice baths. As the owner and principal Osteopath at The Body Folk, he has the privilege of leading a dynamic team of practitioners and fostering a collaborative environment which is aimed at enhancing patient care.

Andy is driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of his patients. He looks forward to the opportunity to bring his skills, passion, and commitment to the communities of Seddon and Prahran and empowering the wellbeing of his patients. Outside of his professional life, you can find Andy at any of the wind-blown parks in Melbourne’s inner-west, sipping on a long black and wrangling his two children – Freddie and Wren.

Dr Kendall Satie


Based in both our Seddon and Prahran clinics, Kendall discovered her passion for Osteopathy a little later than others. Growing up in Western Australia, where Osteo isn’t as prevalent, Kendall tested other degrees and career paths before completing studies in Remedial Massage. This led to working in a busy, multi-disciplinary clinic and gaining years of hand-on experience as a remedial massage therapist, but still feeling like there was more to learn, and more to offer her patients. This meant a move to Melbourne to study Osteopathy at Victoria University, while continuing to work as a remedial massage therapist. RMT and the opportunity to begin mentoring under Andy.

Kendall’s extensive background in remedial massage has heavily influenced her assessment and treatment style. She enjoys balancing the two modalities to provide a thorough and holistic treatment. Using a confident and clinically driven approach to assessment and diagnosis, means applying the most effective treatment and advice, to have a positive and lasting impact for patients and their overall well-being. When not at the clinic, you will find Kendall at her local dog park with her two high energy pups Gus and Acorn, loving life with her family, or continuing her search for a Victorian beach that compares (even remotely) to the WA beaches she grew up on.

Dr Lana Mikovic


Based at our Seddon clinic, and having grown up in Seddon, Lana spent a lot of time outside at the local parks and participated in many sporting activities through her teens. This led her to develop a keen interest in the human body, and eventually to osteopathy because of its holistic nature and hands-on approach. At university, Lana volunteered in aged-care and became a sports trainer for Coburg District Football Club. Through these experiences, Lana was able to develop connections with those in these communities, and gained valuable skills in assessment, communication, and acute injury management.

In 2022, Lana moved to the busy coastal town of Barwon Heads, where she treated a variety of different complaints, from posture-related pain to sports and surf injuries. Lana utilises techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint articulation, manipulation, and shockwave therapy. She also has extra skills in dry needling. Lana is passionate about educating patients about their diagnosis and offers advice and exercise prescription to get people back to pain free work or activity.

Lana particularly enjoys treating lower back, postural and TMJ pain. She has also undertaken extra study in managing pregnancy related pain and aiding in post-partum care. When not in the clinic, you’ll probably find Lana shopping around in Seddon’s Happy Apple while eating her favourite hot chips from McManos, or at the local boxing gym.

Mabel Li, Osteopath at The Body Folk

Dr Mabel Li


Mabel grew up very active and involved herself in many sports including Calisthenics, Netball and Football, however her real passion is for Rowing. As a past rower, and current rowing coach, Mabel was developed a keen interest in intensive sport, sports related injuries and the connection between mind and body. Throughout this experience, Mabel developed an eagerness for communicating and managing the injuries of young athletes. Mabel is passionate about all aspects of general health and wellbeing and enjoy creating individualised treatment programs and plans so her patients are able to return to the things they love doing most. Outside of clinic life, Mabel has a love for travel, pilates and boxing, eating out at new restaurants or heading to the ‘G’ to watch her beloved Saints play.

Cleo Saxon-Jones

Remedial Massage Therapist

Cleo’s background is deeply rooted in sports and remedial massage therapy, where she has cultivated a comprehensive skill set that is both diverse and specialised. Cleo’s journey began while studying at The Gordon, where she honed her skills in remedial massage therapy and developed a keen interest in treating athletes. This passion was further fuelled by her own athletic background, having played basketball, cricket, soccer and AFLW. Cleo has had the privilege of treating younger athletes and enjoys fostering their growth and contributing to their journey towards peak performance.

Creating a safe and inclusive environment for patients has been a cornerstone of her practice. Cleo believes in the power of massage therapy not only for physical rehabilitation but also holistic well-being. She is passionate about enabling her clients to feel secure and supported and integrates techniques that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Outside of the clinic, Cleo enjoys listening to podcasts, reading, running, hitting the gym, and furthering her education in fitness.

Anthony Atapattu

Fascial & Movement Technician

Based in both our Prahran and Seddon clinics, Anthony, specialises in assessing, analysing, and optimising the movement patterns and biomechanics of patients. Anthony(Ant) is passionate about promoting optimal physical function, preventing injuries, and helping patients recover from movement-related issues.  From his early days navigating the IT sector to discovering his true passion in movement, Ant is a testament to the power of transformation. At 37, he didn’t just pick up a new hobby; he mastered the art of the humble handstand. But Ant’s journey doesn’t stop at physical feats. He’s also a crypto enthusiast with a twist.

Before delving into the intricate world of digital currencies, Ant firmly believes in fortifying all 3: the mind, body and spirit. It’s this holistic approach that sets him apart in the crypto trading realm. Using a combination of strategy and a sprinkle of fun, Ant now mentors individuals in both the physical and digital domains.